The battle of the Pelennor fields – the greatest battle of the Third Age. Theoden and his army engage the Haradrim, while the footmen of Gondor drive against the hosts of Morgul under the walls of Minas Tirith. As the fighting grows furious and Theoden lies wounded on the field, Merry and Eowyn find themselves confronting the Black Captain of Mordor’s host, the Witch King.

Does Eomer stand tall as a leader of the Rohirrim or does he fail as a military leader? Did you lose hope when the black-sailed fleet came floating up the Anduin? What brings Aragorn up the river in time … luck, providence or something else? And who exactly slays the nazgul king?

An epic confrontation between the forces of good and evil unfolds, and as the Anduin flows red we witness both personal triumph and tragedy on the Pelennor fields.

Join us this weekend as Hall of Fire examines Return of the King Book V, Chapter VI – The battle of the Pelennor fields.

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May 10-11
Denethor, Steward of Gondor

May 17-18
RoTK Book V, Chapter 7
Pyre of Denethor

May 24-25
The Valar, wise counsels or strategic dimwits?

Points of interest include the retreat of the Valar to Aman, bringing the elves to Valinor, the ban of the Noldor, setting up the Dunedain on Numenor and despatching the Istari to Middle-Earth.

Although the Valar were really nice guys, they seem incredibly naive in their decisions at times, creating as many problems as they solve. And did they care more for their Valinor than for the well-being of all Arda, forsaking the job Eru had given them.


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