News has been hitting the web via a report from which they incorrectly recieved from

A few days ago the folks at thezreview contacted me with this interesting bit of information below, which I confirmed to them within minutes that it is bogus:

An insider, who has asked us specifically to remain anonymous, on the production of Return of the King has weighed in with a very interesting report on Return of the King “The filmmakers are under pressure from New Line to get a trailer ready by the end of April as it has to be ready by then to get into the cinemas in May. There are also discussions that the final print of the movie may have to be cut drastically, not only for length but due to the scale of the FX work that is still to be completed and would not be completed in time. This will mean the movie having to be spread over three discs when it gets released on DVD.” Whew I’m stunned at that news, a THREE disc movie! He also weighed in with the following “Ian Holm is trying to get Peter Jackson to be an executive producer on the Hobbit TV series that is being developed for a planned release of 2006. Peter has agreed, but won’t be able to take a major part in the production due to his commitment to King Kong”

Just be aware of the following, ALL of the above is incorrect. There is NO SFX crunch for ROTK, there is NO push by New Line for a trailer for April…there will BE NO TRAILER IN MAY.

And as far as ROTK being a THREE disk movie? They haven’t even completed a final cut of the film, there is currently NO INDICATION that the ROTK DVD is being worked on at the moment.

When I asked around about the Ian Holm wanting to do the Hobbit Mini-Series I recieved this responce from an insider ‘what kind of stuff are you on?’ There is NO INDICATION that New Line is working on the Hobbit, they don’t even have the rights to it…they have the option TO option it (which means they get first dips IF there is a production), AND what on earth would PJ want to do a mini series right now? He’s got work on the TTT:EE DVD, ROTK, the ROTK:EE DVDs and not to mention a small movie called KING KONG! His hands are full!