Ringer Spy Frodo’s Girl writes: I was walking by Dymocks on Lambton Quay the other day and noticed that they changed the armour in the window from Elvish to Gondorian, so I tramped on back with my camera today and took a few shots which I have included.

Dymocks now carries the full set of Sideshow Weta figures as well as most of the Noble Collection jewelry. And speaking of merchandise, though the LoTR exhibition at Te Papa closed last week (they needed some of those props for re-shoots) the exhibition store is still open with all the goodies (including the Sideshow figures and Noble Collection jewellry).

Gondorian Armour - Front

So if anyone in Wellington wants to look at the new Balrog statue or the Watcher, or any of the other amazing Sideshow figures, medallions, or the new weapon sets, stop into Te Papa or Dymocks.