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This weekend, Hall of Fire focuses on one of Tolkien’s more mysterious creations – the Druedain. If you’re somewhat mystified as to who these people are, the name Ghan Buri Ghan (from Return of the King) may ring a few bells.

Just what was Tolkien’s inspiration for the creation of this “unlovely” and secretive people? A forest people with no writing system and “guttural languange”, they seem uniquely placed among the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. Tolkien was at pains to point out that – despite their primitive nature – they were not a breed of orcs or had ever been corrupted by the Dark Lord – Morgoth. In fact, they seem more akin to hobbits or dwarves than other human tribes.

You might also not have known that the Druedain were one of the tribes of Edain that they went to Numenor at the end of the First Age! But how did did they get to Druadan Forest? And what is their connection with the strange Pukel statues of Dunharrow?

Join us at one of our chats this weekend as we investigate one of Tolkien’s most intriguing enigmas.

Suggested Reading:
Unfinished Tales – The Druedain
RoTK – The Passing of the Grey Company
RoTK – The Muster of Rohan
RoTK – The Ride of the Rohirrim

Upcoming Chats:

April 26/27
Ents, Entwives and all things Treeish
Not entirely sure what this will involve yet, but expect lots of book talk … old forest, origons and fate of the ents and entwives, rumours of trees wandering the moors and what the heck are huorns?

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5:30pm ET (17:30)
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7:00 pm (19:00) CET
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