In the most recent edition of the LoTR ‘Fan Club Official Movie Magazine’, an interview with PJ states that FotR EE had 32 extra minutes, and the Two Towers EE will have 43 additional minutes. That means the extended Towers will come in at 222 minutes in length – that’s a whopping 24 per cent more movie! Thanks to all who reported this! Highlight the spoilers below to read more!

Apparently, nearly all of this new footage will consist of character scenes. There will be a good deal of Treebeard expansion as well as Huorns at Helms Deep. Also of interest was that Jackson denied that he was one of the Dunland wildmen. His only cameo was the Rohan spear chucker at Helm’s Deep.

Added to the we already have via the BBFC about some of the DVD extras, looks like the Towers EE release will be just as impressive as FoTR.