An anonymous spy dropped this little gem into our mailbox just yesterday. What is it? Well, it’s a short video sequence of Gandalf chatting to Aragorn about the Ring in far more depth than we’ve seen previously. It could be from a Two Towers EE scene, a clip from the Two Towers PS2 game, or even a snippet from RoTK – we’re not quite sure yet. You will need the latest div-x codec – which you can obtain from here – to view this file, but it’s a free download. [More] Spoilers!

Update: About 50 people wrote to me to say that this clip does originate from the the EA game of the Two Towers. So it’s not exactly the newest thing in town. In fact, I’d seen it before and forgotten all about it!

When you finish the game, a video of the Hornburg charge and this snippet appears then it fades to a screen saying “Lord of the Ring – Return of the King” coming December, 2003.

But will it make the movies at all we wonders? A scene for the Two Towers EE. The ambience of the scene looks to me like it would fit well into Fangorn Forest – or perhaps inside the stables at Edoras when Gandalf departs. Or maybe it’s going to slot into Return of the King early on. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.