Alex writes:

Just wanted to let you know what Sir Ian spoke of last night on Parkinson. I’m from the UK and watched the show intently, waiting for Ian to show (he was the last guest).

He and Parkinson spoke mainly of his new play (and very briedly of X-Men 2), but when there was mention of Lord of the Rings Ian spoke enthuisastically about ‘getting into character’ and the huge amount of time spent making sure his performance was up to scratch.

He told us the fact that he hadn’t read the books before filming (and it’s not clear whether he ever has, since, either) but he was pleased that his performance was accepted by the fans of the books in general.

He also showed us his tattoo that the members of the cast all got done (the Elvish for ‘9’), his was on his right upper arm, but jokingly suggested Wood’s was ‘further down’ toward his waist. Highly entertaining man, as ever, and stole the show for me last night.