Fiver writes: According to an article, PJ will be contributing to the NZ teevee ad campaign for upcoming movie Tongan ninja.

Jason Stutter’s first feature ‘Tongan Ninja’ is set for a wide theatrical release in France, with French distributor Wildside planning to release up to 80 prints of the film in cinemas throughout France.

“Tongan Ninja is really a Wildside film,” said Manuel Chiche of Wildside, who acquired the rights from the New Zealand Film Commission.

The film has been licensed for release in Australia and New Zealand by Magna Pacific. The New Zealand theatrical release is now being finalized, with a television campaign featuring Peter Jackson.

Tongan Ninja, which was written by Stutter, was produced by Andrew Calder, with Sue Rogers as executive producer for Tommy Ringo International and Midnight Films Productions, in association with the New Zealand Film Commission.