Ringer Cunning Vixen sent in a report on WETA’s presentation in Auckland today. Our buddies Daniel Falconer and Warren Mahy were on tap, and good ole’ Lawrence showed up too…

Hello from Auckland! Some news for you about Armageddon in Auckland.

The Weta presentation at Armageddon in Auckland today, Saturday the 12th, was excellent. Weta creatives Daniel Falconer and Warren Mahy talked about Weta in general. To give us a focus on the Weta creative process they talked about how they conceptualised and created the Uruk-Hai, giving us plenty of backstage tidbits. Halfway through the presentation – Lawrence Maokare walked in!!! This was a total surprise, as he hadn’t been listed in any event programs. He laughed and bantered with the Weta guys as they showed a hilarious and informative video about how Lawrence was made up to look like Lurtz, starting at 10 at night and ending early in the morning. Afterwards, the Weta creatives and Lawrence graciously gave autographs. It was very informal and fun. Daniel and Warren are doing another presentation tomorrow, Sunday, at the second day of Armageddon, and they told us in advance that the Sunday presentation will focus on how they developed the armor. Maybe Warren Ormsby-Green, the LOTR film armorer who lives in Auckland, will make an appearance?

Best wishes,

Cunning Vixen