The Rohirrim – encumbered by a seemingly isolated Merry – find the way to Mundberg is cut by a strong force of orcs encamped on the road. However, in an odd echo of Merry’s own earlier good fortune, a way opens.

The Rohirrim pass on towards Minas Tirith through a long-forgotten valley. But who are the mysterious denizens of the Druadan Forest, solitary and unlovely, and what is their relation to the Pukel men?

Join us this weekend as Hall of Fire explores Return of the King Book V, Chapter 4 – The Ride of the Rohirrim.

Upcoming Discussions:

April 12/13
Stewards of Middle Earth
Several characters take up the role as stewards at some point; Denethor is obvious, but Manwe, Treebeard, Samwise, Gandalf and maybe even Tom Bombadil can also be viewed as stewards. Apart from a great love for their individual ‘stewardships’, what do they have in common and what sets them apart?

April 19/20
The Druedain
Here we take a closer look at that remarkable and mysterious people. As many of you know they were one of the tribes of Edain to come into Beleriand and fight the hosts of Morgoth. What you might be surprised to hear is that they went to Numenor! And how did they get to Druadan Forest? And what is their connection with the strange Pukel men of Dunharrow?

April 26/27
Ents, Entwives and all things Treeish
Not entirely sure what this will involve yet, but expect lots of book talk … old forest, origons and fate of the ents and entwives, rumours of trees wandering the moors and what the heck are huorns?

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