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Richardson, Texas, March 14, 2003 — Fossil Collector’s Club Online is now offering fans a chance to win the original sculpture of “Lord of the Rings” Barad–dûr tower, autographed by Stephen Bates, Fossil’s Art Director/Sculptor. Framed in a black display case, the sculpture of Barad–dûr tower has captured the spirit of “Lord of the Rings” in detail forever.

“When we decided to do the Eye of Sauron watch, the image of that dark tower of Barad–dûr immediately came to mind,” said Bates. “We have a wonderful merger of technology and handcraft with the watch and the sculpture. These two characteristics are in keeping with what I believe is the essence of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies.”

The autographed original sculpture of Barad–dûr tower giveaway contest will run from April 3rd to the 30th. Fans may log onto www.fossil.com/fun to enter their email address and register to win.

For all “Lord of the Rings” fans, the 3000 piece limited edition Eye of Sauron watch will be available April 1st at www.fossil.com. Dramatically sitting on top of the tower of Barad–dûr, the watch has a black leather band with a specially molded silver case and dial with color changing technology. The dial alters between black and the blazing red Eye of Sauron and can be made to stay on one color by the press of a button. Certificate of authenticity is etched in the tower’s base. For more details and information on “Lord of the Rings” watches, including the One Ring watch and more upcoming giveaways this summer, please visit www.fossil.com.