reports that their campaign to get the large cinema in Portland, Oregon for the charity showing of The Two Towers and Sean Astin’s Long and the Short Of It was a success. Now, Sean himself will be in attendance, so if you want tickets for this very special event on April 5 showing starting at 7.30pm, we suggest you hurry!


Due to the volume of out-of-town requests, as of 3pm (PST) tomorrow afternoon (April 3), Regal Cinemas will be accepting credit card orders over the phone for screening tickets. The number to call is 503-287-0338 Tickets are still $8. All you have to do is give your credit card number and expiration date, then show up before 4pm on Saturday with a photo ID.

End update

After all, you are getting a Special Charity Screening with the “Long and Short of It” and a personal appearance by Sean Astin for the same price as a regular movie.

There are still 450 seats available at the box office … but more than 250 have been sold in the last 18 hours.

Now, you do need to go to the Box Office to get your tickets there no internet or phone orders. The address is:

Regal Lloyd Center 10 Cinema
1510 Ne Multnomah Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97232

However, the good news is that the price has dropped because New Line Cinema and Regal are both generously donating their take. The price is now only $8 – the same price as a regular movie – $10 or $12. That’s a real bargain for the chance to see Sean Astin, his short film and The Two Towers all in one evening!

However, there are no discounts for pensioners, students or children.

Tickets are still available, but you should hurry because this really is a one-off event!

All money raised goes to Reading is Fundamental.