At the Oscar party I mentioned to Barrie Osbourne and Dan Hennah that I’d love to head down there in June or July for the ROTK filming, ‘sure, we’ll make you an Orc’ Barrie joked.

We then hear from Sean Astin (Sam) that filming is starting a lot sooner than anticipated, this month in fact.

Now Emily sends this along: A few months ago, I wrote to Richard Taylor begging for work experience at Weta. Now, reading your reshoot speculations, I thought you might be interested in a part of his reply (yes, I got a reply! 🙂 It said no of course, but hey!).

“During the period that you have noted [February] we wont actually be working on LOTR, but rather will be working on a shoot for a whole other job which has a strict confidentiality clause on it. We dont start pick ups for LOTR until April”.