LOTR-fans from all over the world should keep their schedules well clear for november 14th till 16th 2003 because in that weekend there’ll be another Ring*Con in Bonn, Germany. Last years event was a huge succes and this year it sounds like it’ll be even better.

German Tolkien Society chairman and co-organiser Marcel Buelles sent along the following invitation for all Tolkien-societies:

We summon ye all to Valinor!

Fellow Tolkien societies’ members throughout the world,

“for long years now we have toiled and travelled in the darkness of Arda, forsaken by Eru and the Valar. Why this is so no one knows and yet our feet stray ever westwards towards the place from which the beauty of the light of Sun and Moon has come – a beauty to be a signal to all of us to meet and be glad…”

What started off with some event manageress trying to get the German Tolkien Society into having an event at he EXPO German pavilion (yep, you’re reading right :)) has now become a wonderful possibility to finally meet and talk about that which has been important and exciting in our lives: the creation of the late Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, CBE.

In the name of the organisation committee members of the German Tolkien Society working on Ring*Con2003 we would like to invite all Tolkien societies throughout the world and join in a wonderful event made by fans for fans. We will have a special session just for meeting up and presenting what people think about Middle-earth and all the rest including a ‘cafe international’, presentations – what we want to do is up to us!

One of my very own dreams may be coming true with this and I hope it will – that Tolkien fans from everywhere will come along and just have a great party. Something to remember 🙂


aka Marcel Buelles

German Tolkien Society
A registered charit, Cologne, Germany