So you have your reservations and you ready to attend the largest fan-run Lord of the Rings celebration ever. Besides the live entertainment and various activities taking place throughout the night, you might ask, “What else can I expect?” How about the opportunity to bid on some of the most sought after collectibles available!

Here is a list of the items that will be available during a silent auction:

Giant TTT Banner – 50ft x 20ft Official ‘The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers.’ Generously donated by a local theater chain.

2002 Official Academy Awards Poster signed by ‘The One Party to Rule them All’ VIP attendees – This piece is professionally framed and includes the signatures of Peter Jackson, Ian McKellen, Richard Taylor, and others.

The Watcher in the Water Statue – Pre-Production Piece. Retail value of $250. (Regular version is yet to be released) [Standard Watcher Info]

The Balrog Statue – Pre-Production/Clear Resin. Unique piece. The standard version is sold out and had a retail value of $300. [Standard Balrog Info]

Moria Orc Swordsman Statue Signed by WETA Workshop crew at Comic Con 2002 – Retail value of $125 previous to signing. Signatures include Richard Taylor, Daniel Falconer, Gino Acevedo, Warren Mahy and others. This piece is also signed by Sala Baker(Sauron) and Lawrence Makoare (Lurtz). A Houghton Mifflin display stand is included in this auction. [Statue Info]

Bronzed ‘No Admittance’ Bookends w/ Houghton Mifflin Display Stand – The popular ‘No Admittance except on Party Business’ Bookends retail at $60. These are the exact same sculpt, yet in a gorgeous bronzed format. [Original Bookends Info]

The Alan Lee Lithograph and Filmstrip Collectible – Hand signed by Peter Jackson, Alan Lee and Richard Taylor. Retail value of $599. [More Info]

Orthanc Environment – Pre-Production piece. The yet to be released environment from Sideshow/Weta Collectibles. Retail value of $95. [Orthanc Info]

Other items will be available and we hope to announce previous to the party.

Silent auctions will last until approximately 10pm-10:30pm on party night. We will be accepting Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for bids. Winners will be able to immediately take their prize with them, or choose to have ship it. Shipping however will be charged to the winning bidder.