“Rohan cannot come.” Gondor is under seige and cut off from its allies as the forces of Sauron swarm Minas Tirith. Can the city hold?

Return of the King – Book V, Chapter 4: Siege of Gondor

Through the eyes of Pippin, we see the dissension between Gondor’s leaders , the distrust between Denethor and Gandalf, and the rift between Denethor and his son, Faramir. We witness the growing despair that sweeps the Tower of the Guard as Sauron’s hordes sweep across the river and lay seige to Minas Tirith.

Whether you want to talk about objects such as Grond and the Great Gate of Minas Tirith, Tolkien’s vivid descriptions of war, or the growing mental disintegration of Denethor the Steward, this chapter is sure to provide great discussion material.

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What would you like to see included or dis-included in RoTK? Why? What needs to be cut, and what must stay? How would you avoid creating a critical/popular disaster? Chance for everyone to play scriptwriter/director.

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