All you happy Party Guests can count on a really fantastic raffle during our Oscar Party event. Just one little ticket and you might walk away with a HUGE prize package. This time the prizes will not be given out piecemeal; but are collected into *big raffle packages.* Each package is different, and each contains a variety of items. There are approximately 10 raffle prize packages to be given away (maybe more).

Here is a sample of one complete raffle prize package:

A) Official TORN t-shirt for the “Two Towers One Party” event
B) Games Workshop Two Towers battle games, including “Heroes of Helm’s Deep” and “Uruk-Hai Paint Set” miniatures
C) Serious USA box of CD-Rom Cardz featuring The Two Towers
D) Sideshow/WETA Collectibles Saruman polystone statue
E) American Flyer luggage 3-piece set: Duffle Bag, Travel Tote and Beauty Case

With raffle tickets at only $2.00 apiece, you can’t go wrong!

We will have raffle tickets on sale throughout the evening, and all Party-goers will enjoy the thrill of a live announcement of the winners immediately after the Awards Ceremony.