This weekend, Hall of Fire shifts back to the Return of the King to discuss “The Muster of Rohan”. Of all the fellowship, Merry alone remains with Theoden to witness the mustering of the Rohirrim and the arrival of the Red Arrow.

Theoden is determined that Merry should remain safe in Rohan, but “where will wants not, a way opens” and a mysterious rider sneaks him into the host.

Join us this weekend as we discuss the muster of rohan, Denethor’s seemingly over-late plea for assistance from his ancient allies and examine the mysteries of the Pukel men and the legend of the paths of the dead.

Upcoming discussions:
March 21-22:
RoTK Book Five, Chapter 4: The Siege of Gondor.

March 28-29:
What would you like to see included or dis-included in Peter Jackson’s Return of the King? Why? What needs to be cut, and what must stay? How would you avoid creating a critical and/or popular disaster?

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