So we all know that the ROTK trailer is not out, nor will it be out for a little while…or will it? Check out this email from Ringer Spy Mr. Sieve. Mr. Sieve was at a convention in Chicago over the weekend and stumbled across a booth with the ROTK trailer. Take it as you will. We can neither confirm nor deny this is factual. (But thats the nature of spy reports eh?!)

I was at a Halloween costume & party convention over the weekend in Chicago, and in one of the booths, selling lotr costumes and accessories, the guy running the booth had a copy of the ROTK trailer. I don’t know where he got it — I didn’t ask and he didn’t say, but let me tell you … it was AWESOME!!! … Narsil was reforged, Eomer wept with Theoden in his arms on the pelennor fields, pippin lunged and pulled faramir off the funeral pyre, sam went after something (shelob assuredly, but they showed nothing of her) with the phial of galadriel, grima drew a dagger and leapt at someone …. those were just the highlights … i’ll attempt to go through it shot for shot as best i can remember …. it opened with armies charging across plains, then cut to gandalf in theoden’s hall at edoras telling aragorn, gimli, and legolas that they are running out of time … oh hell, i don’t remember the exact order now, but they do show the halls of the dead (a bunch of skulls lying on the floor in a dungeon looking set), they show aragorn riding at the head of an army with the white tree emblazened on his breast plate, they show eowyn and faramir in the garden in gondor embracing, sam crying out to frodo that “can’t you see? He’s betrayed us!”, but the coolest thing of all is SAURON COMES BACK IN PHYSICAL FORM … unless it was some weird flashback, which I doubt, in the final battle before the black gates, Sauron is back, decked out in the same armor he was wearing in the flashback sequence in FOTR, and he goes after Aragorn — so it would seem … Sauron is bashing his way through, they cut to Aragorn fighting off a bunch of orcs, they cut back to a shot of Sauron, and they cut to a shot of Legolas, shouting Aragorn’s name, as if to say, “Hey Aragorn, look out, there’s a huge %$^#$^&^ with a mace about to pound your skull in!” …. all in all, the trailer was about two minutes long and showed a lot — but my memory isn’t what it used to be … just thought I’d let you all know that there is complete ROTK in circulation … again, I have no idea where this guy got it, but I’m kicking myself now for not giving him like twenty bucks, and asking him to dub a copy and mail it to me …. if I can sort out anymore of it in my muddled mind, I will let you know …

Thanks Mr. Sieve for the heads up!

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