Ringer Fan Holbytla writes: I recently accumulated quite a backlog of movie/gaming magazines, and I’ve been slowly working my way through them. Most have little, if anything, to say about our favorite movies. So imagine my delight to turn to page 14 of the March issue of Cinescape magazine and find an interview with PJ about what to expect in the EE DVD of TT. And yes, Virginia, he says we will get ent draughts!

“There’s whimsical stuff with Treebeard that I like a lot, where he’s reciting poetry and it’s appallingly bad poetry,” PJ is quoted as saying. “There’s a scene with Merry and Pippin drinking Ent draught, which if you’ve read the book you know makes them a little bit taller. They being hobbits, they quite like the idea that this magical fluid makes them bigger.”

PJ goes on to say that most of the added scenes feature Treebeard or Gollum, which is requiring WETA to create 160 additional computer shots (the entire theatrical version of TT had 800). “I think it’s going to follow a similar kind of pattern to what The Fellowship did in the sense that a lot of the scenes that we cut out are basically character development and dialogue scenes. There’s not much in the way of action.”