Isildur: shaper of the Third Age?

There are few Numenorean heroes with a more remarkable history – or a more ambiguous persona. He was capable of great deeds – at great cost to himself he saved the seed of the White Tree from under the nose of Sauron and bore it to Middle Earth. Sauron hated him above all other men and elves, and even after Isildur was long dead, poured all his malice and hatred against Minas Ithil – Isildur’s city.

Yet he was also responsible for the Oathbreaker’s curse and for the survival of the Ring when it should have been destroyed.

Through his actions, Isildur left a lasting legacy on the history Middle Earth, setting the stage for of events the Third Age. This weekend we’ll discuss Isildur’s Isildur’s important place in the history of Middle Earth and ponder what drove this unique character.

Suggested Reading:
Unfinished Tales – “The Disaster of the Gladden Fields”
Silmarillion – “Akallabeth” and “Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age”
Fellowship of the Ring – “Council of Elrond”
Return of the King – “Passing of the Grey Company”

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