Piotr sends along this report that PJ was recently spotted in Poland scouting locations. I find this hard to believe at the moment, and we are looking into this. A word to the wise, you can completely ignore the Hobbit rumors in the aritcle below, PJ most certainly wants to take a break from Middle-earth, and god bless him he deserves it!

Peter Jackson visited Poland two days ago (25.02) to see one of our National Parks. Editors of our newspapers suggest that it might be a sign that PJ is preparing to film “Hobbit”.

PJ and his crew took police helicopter and checked out “Biebrzañski Park Narodowy” (that would translate to “National Park of Biebrza”). They were filming and making photos. One of the guys from the polish crew that helped them says that they were looking for a good place to make another movie. We`re all hoping that it`s gonna be “Hobbit” 🙂

This visit was not official – PJ obviously didn`t want to attract too much attention and that`s why even polish distributor of LOTR didn`t know about this.