Heard of the ‘Alties’? Neither have I, but hey, I’ll eat anything once. Take a look at the slightly odd categories you can vote TTT for.

New World Order Award: Films whose atmosphere/subject matter portrays or feeds off of the post-9/11 paranoia of our times, with its uber-patriotism, anxiety and fear.

Guilty Pleasure Award: The critics panned it, but you loved it anyway. Guilty pleasures aren’t about lasting relevance or redeeming value, just a rollicking good time.

Best Soundscape: The best soundtracks are inseparable elements of the plot, nearly characters unto themselves. This is music that stays with you long after you’ve left the theater.

The Big Award: When you think back over all the movies you saw in 2002, inevitably one, a true favorite, stands out. This is the King Altie. And the award goes to…

Now go and take a nice spoonfull, pinch your nose, close your eyes, open your mouth and vote!