Viggio Mortensen, with 79.7% of votes for sexiest man of the year at

How He Did in Our Poll Last Year: He didn’t. This year, however, Viggo rules with a landslide victory over every other guy in our 2003 poll. Just goes to prove that when it comes right down to it, forget the baby faces–we like our men manly.

Sexiest Role: Hands down, his stoic, brave Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies–he only seems to get better with each one. (Although he was sexy as hell as a jealous, passionate artist in A Perfect Murder)

Best Quote: “It’s always strange when you’re lying there in bed naked with someone you don’t know very well. In my opinion, actors who say that is an unpleasant thing are all full of s***.” — from the Chicago Sun-Times, May 31, 1998

Sexiest Scene: Forget the particulars, he does it for us in just about every close-up in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, but there was one moment shot in slo-mo that captured Aragorn galloping uphill atop his stately steed, hair streaming across his face as he looked over his shoulder at the enemy closing in. Breathtaking.

Physical Feature We Love: It’s a tie between those piercing baby blues and the rock-solid square jaw that lends him a tremendously commanding, if slightly sinister, presence.

In His Future: Look for Viggo this fall starring in a movie called Hidalgo, the true story of Frank T. Hopkins, a long-distance horse rider in the Pony Express who traveled to Saudi Arabia to compete in a dangerous, global race for an enormous prize. Then of course there’s his final appearance as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.