Lostfiniel sends in this article from ‘The Union Jack’ about Billy Boyd and his mission to help young actors.

BILLY BOYD, an actor in the Lord of the Rings movies who grew up in one of Britain’s poorest areas, said last month he wants to reduce the obstacles the indigent face in entering his profession.

Billy Boyd, 34, who portrays the Hobbit Pippin in the films, said he has been in talks with the acting union equity in a bid to get more disadvantaged children involved in acting.

“It’s difficult enough getting into acting, but when you come from a place like this, your chances are even more limited,” said Boyd, who grew up in Easterhouse, an area of Glasglow, Scotland, that is one of Britain’s most deprived areas. “There’s definitely a stigma when you want to take up acting or drama, and I hope this can change.”

Boyd spoke to reporters after returning to his roots to view an exhibition in the John Wheatley College Library in Easterhouse that features his achievements to date.

The display, by local residents, looks at the history of the poor area os Glasglow and includes information on various celebrities from the area, including Billy Boyd and actor Gerard Kelly.

Boyd said he was flattered to be described as a local hero and used his visit to encourage youngsters to follow in his footsteps. “I am living proof that you can make it if you try,” he said.

The actor, who studied at Glasglow’s Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, recently landed a role in the forth-coming movie Master and Commander, costarring with Oscar winner Russel Crowe.