Sideshow/Weta very recently released its second series of statues and busts from The Two Towers. The busts feature Gandalf the White, a Galadhrim Soldier, Grishnakh and an Uruk-Hai Berserker. The figures consist of Ugluk, Grima Wormtongue and Galadhrim Archer. All of these are incredibly detailed. Interestingly, plot theorists may note the Wormtongue’s right hand wrapped around what appears to be a knife hilt.

Highlight below to read possible plot spoilers:
Many people have written to us over the past few months speculating that Grima will slay Saruman at Orthanc with a knife. Evidence for this includes the famous Grima Toy Biz figure with “knife-slashing action” and a picture on page 122 of “The Making of the Movie Trilogy” by Brian Sibley. It shows Grima lying on what many believe to be the floor of Orthanc. He appears very angry and has a dagger in his hand. More evidence, or just coincidence?

Anyway, check out these great pictures! You can also check the Sideshow Collectibles website for more information. [More]


[Gandalf the White]

[Galadhrim Soldier]

[Grima Wormtongue]
[Uruk-Hai Beserker]

[Galadhrim Archer]