Hall of Fire for this weekend will make a late topic adjustment following the recent announcement of the Oscar nominations.

Previously we’d scheduled a chat on Acting in the Two Towers, however, instead we’ll be hosting a special Oscar Nominations Roundup.

This year, Towers snagged six nominations. Only one – for best picture – was in what many consider to be the major award groupings. The remainder were in more technical categories, such as editing and sound.

How do we rate the film’s chances of picking up gongs in these categories? And did Jackson’s reluctance to play the “schmooze” game this year lessen the opportunity for Towers to receive critical acclaim from the Oscars Academy?

And what of the nominations that Towers did not receive? In which categories was it worthy – and overlooked? Contrastingly, what were the categories it didn’t deserve a nomination for? What do folks think?

Join us this weekend for what’s sure to be a most interesting debate!

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