Irascian writes: The lastest issue of “DVD Review”, the UK’s best selling DVD review magazine, has the following “exclusive” on The Two Towers DVD…..

THE TOWER OF POWER. Frodo’s incredible quest continues!

We’re thrilled to reveal the release date of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on British DVD! Entertainment in Video tells us the middle chapter of Peter Jackson’s phenomenally popular epic will be provisionally available to buy on 30 June.

Late June will see the 179-minute theatrical cut arrive on a two-disc set. As part of its raft of extras, which stands to include mini internet documentaries and television specials, it may even carry a preview of the third and final installment, The Return of the Kind, in UK cinemas this December.

The main DVD event for The Two Towers will happen in late 2003. A stunning four-disc extended version is tipped for release in November. Anticipate more thrilling, romantic and funny scenes between the huge ensemble of heroes and villains. Prepare yourself for exclusive documentaries charting the 600 effects shots from start to finish, the amazing production designs by Weta Workshop craftspeople and spotlights on the groundbreaking, completely CGI’d characters of Treebeard and Gollum, the treacherous yet sympathetic creature who stole the show for many”