Rosamunde Brownlocks writes: TORN mentioned that Elijah Wood would be in the Young Hollywood special (See Players or Played Out? -Xo) and he was, rated at # 9. Interestingly enough, so was Dominic Monaghan.

Not only did he do a brief blurb on Elijah Wood during that segment, but he had a very funny appearance while the end credits were running – so anybody who taped this, don’t toss out the taping after Elijah Wood’s segment.

Here’s a brief description:

E! showed a clip of Dom during the credits, with him wearing a white shirt, being interviewed on the street at night (perhaps at the LA premiere?), joking with the E! crew, “mock” complaining:

“I kind of feel a little bit neglected. I’ve BEEN here a year, I don’t get ANY calls from E!, I don’t get ANY of this “hot young Hollywood” stuff.

And LOOK at me! I mean, come ON! Are you KIDDING?! This kid’s on FIRE!”

And in each of the last four sentences, he’s jerking his head down on the words with emphasis, looking down at himself, as if to say “Look! Can’t you see how sexy I am?” – with a grin on his face. Very funny and charming.