We are only three weeks away from the Official Pre-Release of the Battle of Helm’s Deep Weekend! During the weekend of FEB 22nd and 23rd, across the country and around the world, LOTR TCG players, collectors and enthusiasts will all come together and take part in one of the most exciting TCG events of all time!

On FEB 7th (which is only a few days away) at, you will be able to PRE-REGISTER your spot for $25 to have the incredible opportunity of taking part in this exciting event and collect a brand new LOTR TCG expansion two weeks before it is legally released in stores! For your entry fee, you will receive 1 pre-constructed Battle of Helm’s Deep Sealed Deck (either the Legolas or Eowyn theme), 3 BOHD Booster Packs and 1 Alternate Image collectible card of Theoden, King of the Golden Hall as your souvenir of this event.


For those of you who do not know what a SEALED DECK tournament is, then this pre-release tournament is just for you! This is your chance to not only play in a very exciting and surprising tournament format, but to also have one of the very best and most challenging playing experiences ever.

Sealed Deck Pre-Release tournaments are incredibly fun for all skill levels – because the cards that you are playing with EQUALIZE the playing field as much as possible. Everyone will be using cards from one of two Sealed Deck themes which limit the variable of pre-constructed deck surprise. The Starter Deck lists are even available for study on Decipher’s website which you can find here.

However, the 3 Booster Packs which are also a part of your deck construction strategy keep that element of suspense very much alive as it becomes the most powerful dynamic in the format of Sealed Deck play. These cards are the “unknown” factor in the game – which is where your abilities as a player are put to the test.

But don’t worry, the most important part of this event is to HAVE FUN! Players from all over the territory will take part in this event as both collectors and enthusiasts of the game. For all of you newer players, this will be a great opportunity to learn from experts who will probably share with you a trick or two. For collectors, bring your trade binder along because with this many players congregated all in one place – there will always be an opportunity to find the cards you are looking for. And for all of you experienced players… time to put your skills to the test as you are forced to play with your wits and your talents – since this format will deprive you of the comfort of your own customized pre-constructed decks!


For all of you who live in Southern California or nearby, you have the opportunity to attend TWO pre-release tournaments! This DOUBLE-HEADER weekend is indeed a very special circumstance and here is all of the event information at this time:

FEBRUARY 22, 2003: WIZARDS OF THE COAST – Westminster Mall (Westminster, CA)

The WIZARDS OF THE COAST Store in the Westminster Mall, Westminster CA is the Official Pre-Release Tournament location of! This tournament will be held SATURDAY, Feb. 22nd. Here is a link for all of the official tournament information for this pre-release: [EVENT DETAILS]

FEBRUARY 23, 2003: SQUEEZE PLAY – Tustin, CA

There will also be a second Pre-Release Tournament at SQUEEZE PLAY in Tustin, CA on SUNDAY, FEB 23rd. Here is a direct link to the Battle of Helm’s Deep Pre Release at Squeeze Play: [EVENT DETAILS]

Thanks all for reading. Don’t forget…Pre-Registration begins FEB 7th at!

More to come…

Lao of Gondor