Many folks will know SkyKing, a regular here at Barli’s. What many folks may not know is that in real life he is a member of America’s armed forces. His real life job necessitates his lengthy absence from Barli’s for several months. He sent along a letter for everyone to read:

To my good friends, who have always been there when I asked them to be, and who always were there to share the laughs and joy, the tears and sorrows, you will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. Even as I walk through the fires of Hell that await, knowing the world will not celebrate my name because I do that which is of the utmost sensitivity, I know that you have faith in me. Even those from foreign lands, as well as those from home in the USA, your freedom and security is what I strive for and will achieve. May the heavens open up to receive and embrace you as your planes scream skyward, and may you never find yourself without a wingman (or woman). To everyone at Barliman’s, the stars forever shine upon our meeting.
“It is good war is so terrible, lest we grow too fond of it.”

Please send along your prayers, thoughts and good vibes for one of our own, caught up in the real world.