In March last year, Peter Jackson attached a four-minute Two Towers preview to the end of Fellowship of the Ring. It’s starting to seem quite likely that he’ll be doing a similar thing for Two Towers. This of course gives us something to look forward to in just over a month’s time. Check out this spoilericious report from the boards of

This report was posted on the forums on January 30 by Jedi5150. Now, keep in mind that at this stage it’s still pretty rumoursome, but this is what Jedi5150 had to say:

“SOURCES” are reporting that PJ in the coming weeks will be viewing fine cut and complete footage of RoTK for the extended preview to added to TTT in March. “THEY” say that PJ has a short list of certain scenes he wants to put in and then he will view any other footage to add and make it complete. According to “SOME” this is what PJ’s list is said to include:

  • Aragorn handing the brooch back to it’s rightful owner, Pippin. This sounds cool, because if you remember TTT preview the opening scene was of Aragorn picking up Pippin’s brooch, and to have the preview of RoTK to start with this scene, it makes for a great continuation. That would (also) be our first glimpse of the reunion aka the road to Isengard.
  • Ride of the Rohirrim
  • Merry pledging his sword
  • Pippin approaching the palantir
  • Shots establishing Gondor, perhaps moments before the SIEGE OF GONDOR
  • The meeting between Faramir and Eowyn
  • Establishing shots of Pellenor fields
  • Mouth of Sauron
  • Aragorn walking up to the palantir
  • Pippin riding with Gandalf on Shadowfax
  • Shots establishing moments before the battle at the black gate
  • Aragorn in his Gondorian armor, riding into battle
  • Paths of the dead
  • “Minor” shots of Shelob

(And although) they do not want to show too much… Denethor

FINALLY (for) THE BIG FINALE, I have possible dialouge to go with this one … Frodo and Sam by the crack of Doom, SAM: DESTROY it Mr. Frodo! FRODO: no … I will not destroy it! THE RING IS MINE!!!

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