Arhat writes: has started posting cards from the upcoming Battle of Helms Deep set. The second set in the TTT block.

The second expansion of The Lord of the Rings TCG drawn from The Two Towers™, Battle of Helm’s Deep, will add depth and excitement to both open and Tower block formats, with wargs, Uruk berserkers, Knights of Gondor, Ent companions, and more. The new Gollum culture presents the option of using Gollum/Sméagol as a minion, companion, or both in the same deck.

Two different playable 60-card starter decks, featuring Éowyn and Legolas, contain a mix of cards from Battle of Helm’s Deep and The Two Towers, including 3 fixed alternate-image rares found only in starter decks. The 11-card booster packs are all Battle of Helm’s Deep, 1 rare plus a mixture of 10 commons and uncommons. A foil from the complete parallel diffraction foil set will replace a common card in approximately one in six booster packs. MSRP for the starter decks is only $9.99 each; for booster packs, $3.29 per pack.