From: The John Howe Website

What’s on the drawing board :

A new Robin HOBB cover, for the third volume of the Tawny Man, which is currently entitled Fool‘s End. Head over to for more details. I’ve drawn myself into a bit of a corner for this series – each cover consists of the border (only had to do that once, thankfully) a main front cover image, a back cover (with loads of room for happy graphic artists to cram with copy) a spine vignette, and eight vignettes. Deadline : the end of the month.

What’s just been delivered :

A cover piece for a book by Eric Van Lustbader, featuring the heroine of the series and a water dragon. I’ll post a jpeg as soon as the editor gives me the green light.
I’ve also finally finished the artwork for A Clash of Kings, by George R. R. Martin.

What’s up next :

Some time away there and back again. Hopefully, I’ll have time to access the site whenever I get near a computer, so I can keep abreast of the forum.

The Tolkien exhibition will be in Rennes starting from March 31st to April 6th. The show went very well in Paris ; we had a marvellous opening, with Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor and a generous handful of the cast and crew present. (Every time someone would hand me the catalogue to sign, it was already half-filled with all kinds of famous signatures. I had to squeeze mine in where I could.) Naturally, I managed NOT to actually come out of it all with a ccpy of my own catalogue, much less a signed one. How clueless can I get? We didn’t even take many photos, pretty pitiful, eh? For more information on the event in Rennes :

After Rennes, the show will be in Charleville-Mézières, before coming to the Neuchâtel for the next International Fantasy Film Festival. A real live film festival, here in sleepy Neuchâtel, coming up on its third edition !. That’s what I call news. (Two years ago I had the immense honour of meeting Tobe Hooper – so, expect LOTS of news about the event as July draws nearer.)

Speaking of events, we just returned from the annual meeting of the Italian Tolkien Society in Rome last weekend. Their Tolkien exhibition is currently at the magnificent Castel Sant’Angelo, near the Vatican. Rome was of course warm and sunny and I took about half a million photos in the Forum. (I think there are definitely some landscapes of Victorian inspiration coming on – all that cracked marble and Mediterranean pines and cypresses is just too much to resist.)

So that’s it for now.
As the saying goes : watch this space !