From: Aradan

I picked up a copy of the complementary magazine published by the ‘Cineworld’ cinema chain here in the UK because it contained an interview with Liv Tyler about ‘The Two Towers’. Amongst all the usual stuff about costumes and elf ears there was one answer that caught my eye:

Q. You shot the trilogy a few years ago. What have you carried forward with you since that experience ended?

Liv: “The thing that I don’t think everybody understands is that we’re still working on it. I can’t tell you much work I’ve done on it in this year [2002] alone! We went to New Zealand for a month this summer and did pickups. We shot all sorts of new scenes – it was like shooting another movie all over again, and that was just for film two. And I just came back from London, where I spent two weeks recording a song for the soundtrack. I’d been working for a voice teacher for five months on that. Plus, we just completed all the post-production looping and voice overs.”