Joey writes:

I noticed that recently there were complaints from the Japanese worrying about the quality of the subtitles. Well, i can understand their worries as the quality of the subtitles in Hong Kong is not very good either. Not to mention their mistakes made in FOTR and other foreign movies, as far as I can remember, here are some mistakes they made in TTT:

When Aragon found the elven brooch on the way of their persuit, the subtitle says, “Lothlorien people will not leave this behind”; in Edoras, when Gandalf says to Saruman ‘you will not kill me, you will not kill him’, the subtitle says, ‘you will not kill me, but you will kill him’; when Grima was begging king Theoden not to send him away, it was translated to ‘kill you!’; when Faramir told Frodo that the ring is within his grasp, it became ‘I have controlled the ring’; and, the translator has confused Gondor with Mordor! Boromir became the man of Mordor. Luckily he didn’t confuse Sauron with Saruman…

I didn’t read the subtitles often, I only took a glance a few times, but each time I would find a mistake. If I had read the sutitles throughout the whole movie, I think there would be more mistakes. No matter how great LOTR is, the audience would not understand its greatness with the bad-quality subtitles. I need to explain the whole FOTR movie to my friends because the subtitles just kept mixing things up.

Forgive me for my bad English, I hope you understand what I meant.

Yours Faithfully,