via_hobbit writes: This is from the January edition of Empire magazine (UK) and it features a little bit about RotK:

“This is it. The grand finale, the showdown, the big finish to one of the most adored movie trilogies since the original series of Star Wars films. While Jackson and co. are trying to hold back their suprises (and any book deviance)- despite the ravenous attention of the web site geeks- Professor Tolkien can give us some guidance as to what awaits us when Frodo’s quest reaches its dramatic conclusion.

The full weight of Weta’s technical achievements will come to bear on a storyline infused with battle scenes, hordes of the creatures and potentially stunning new locales. The next big CGI question mark hangs over the arrival of Shelob, a giant spider who will attack the Ringbearer, contained within a labyrinth of dark tunnels that should feel far more claustrophoibic than the Moria sequences of film one. While for the rest of the fellowship it’s the toil of battle- the siege of Minas Tirith looks set to be the series’ crowning glory.

There are two new minor characters to finally enter the fray: Denethor II, Boromir’s father and Steward Of Minas Tirith (John Noble), obstensibly the current ruler of the land of Gondor who has gone mad, and The Mouth Of Sauron (Mad Max’s Bruce Spence). This deformed human being is basically the bad guy’s PR who has grim news for the army of good. And, it seems likely, we’ll get also a glimpse of the head kahuna himself, Sauron. “You cant reduce him to being a big guy striding around in black armous, but he can’t be limited to a flaming eye (as in the book) either”, says Jackson. “Imagine not seeing Darth Vader for all three Star Wars films. You can’t do it.”

With Oscar attention inevitable and a legion of fans ready to weep and wail at the end of it all, more of the same is exactly what is required. No doubt the final Matrix will cast a long shadow, but New Line’s risky investment will go down as the best bet since MGM first decided to gamble on some guy called James Bond.”