BIG NEWS for all LOTR TCG Fans and fans of LOTR Collectibles alike. Here is some very exciting news fresh from the desk of Kevin Reitzel – who reports in from the Decipher, Inc. Marketing Department:

From Kevin:

Sméagol Retail Sales Incentive Program

This program is much like the Éowyn retail program that we [Decipher] did last year. For every $10 (or US equivalent) that a consumer spends at a participating retail location worldwide, they will receive a Sméagol, Old Noser alternate image (AI) preview card from Battle of Helm’s Deep (the next expansion in the Two Towers TCG series)!

This program starts in retail stores on Feb. 15 and lasts until March 31 (while supplies last). Every Retail Fellowship store will receive 50 of these preview cards and a ‘counter card’ (a small standee that informs customers of the program that sits next to the register) to start with, but will be able to re-order more if they need them. All these details will be announced in full through a web story that will be posted next week on (with the image of Sméagol!).

There will also be several translations of these cards, including:


Thanks. (End of Report)

Please begin planning your stampede now! Don’t forget to put away that preciousssss 10 bucksssessss.

Later –

Lao of Gondor