Jason Averett at Entertainment Weekly dropped us a line with the inside scoop on the forthcoming Oscar race edition of EW.

Thought you might be interested in next week’s issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, the magazine’s annual “Oscar Race Begins.” The editors forecast the five most likely finalists for the top Academy Award categories, and “The Two Towers” is predicted to be among the nominees for Best Picture, Best Director (Peter Jackson), and Best Adapted Screenplay.

For each category, the magazine also offers a “For Your Consideration” nominee. This is someone the editors don’t believe will make the final cut, but really should. In the Best Supporting Actor category, Andy Serkis is Entertainment Weekly’s “For Your Consideration” choice:

“We admit it: Even we’re not sure what to do with Andy Serkis, the British actor whose every tic, twitch, and hiss brings Gollum to such brilliant life in ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.’ There’s no precedent for the way his work straddles the border that separates performance from visual effect. But about this we’re certain: The Academy had better start thinking about the issues that Serkis’ performance raises, because his work — however it’s categorized — is Oscar-caliber.”

The issue will be on news-stands everywhere Monday, January 13 … the Oscar prediction package will also be on EW.com Friday, January 10 by 6 PM ET.