Narya writes: Readers of TheOneRing.Net may be interested to know that Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, has been voted the top DVD of 2002 by readers of the BBC’s teletext service, CEEFAX.

The victory was all the more remarkable as the Editor of the CEEFAX page had made it plain that he did not like the film. Despite this, The Fellowship of the Ring won by a resounding margin.

“I know you hate it,” wrote Rachael Savage to the Editor, while Andy Foster muttered “IR17;m voting it my favourite DVD of the year, which is probably pointless as if one of your faves doesn’t win I imagine everyone will somehow agree with you.”

Fully 27% of the voters chose FOTR, 24% of these opting for the four disc version. Attack of the Clones came second with 7% of the vote.

Melanie Burns echoed many when she said: “The extra thirty minutes add so much to the cohesiveness of the film, and the documentaries are fascinating.”

Dave Corsar reported that he has “seen the cinema version several times, but found this extended DVD had a slower pace more in keeping with the book.

“Sorry to pick a mainstream DVD” he continued, “but I really feel this one is something special. I would ne surprised if this edition would be shown in cinemas in future years.”