Melissa writes:

Thank you so much for your constant news and entertainment offerings re LOTR. I check in every morning to see what’s new.

You may already have heard, but Sean Astin was interviewed on LA radio this morning (Friday, January 3). He talked via phone with the Kevin & Bean morning program on KROQ-FM.

Sean was very entertaining and bantered quite well for 7:30 AM. He talked, obviously, about filming the movies at the same time and the scope of the picture. He also talked about how the cast would be getting rewrites and new scenes on the day they were to film them. The hosts (who can be rather acerbic) also teased him about “geeks” that go to the theatre dressed up in costume. Kevin & Bean were basically gushing about the movie, however, and Sean was quite appreciative.

Hopefully one of your staff will be able to get ahold of a transcript or audio copy.

Thanks again for all your great work. Just wanted to give you a report of things going on in the West Coast, in case you hadn’t heard.