We finally have some footage from The Two Towers Los Angeles Premiere that was held on December 15th at the Arclight Cinerama Dome. Sorry, it took so long to put something together – but Christmas, ya know.

We have a selection of interviews from the red carpet by that Hasty Ent, Quickbeam, and his noble steed Asfaloth. Normally I, (I being Asfaloth) edit our interviews quite a bit and just leave the choice parts. But this time I was looking at them and figured that since we are the ULTIMATE Tolkien site for fans, let’s just post as much of the interviews as possible.

In this piece we have a great interview with the Dark Lord himself, Sala Baker. Then Billy Boyd waves at Loons, talks to fans on the phone and discusses Pippin’s character development. And entertaining six minutes and forty-two seconds, if ya ask me.

You’ll see tantalizing glimpses of Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Bernard Hill, Brad Dourif, Andy Serkis and Miranda Otto in the background. Don’t worry! We have great interviews with Dom, Miranda, Brad, Andy, Bernard Hill, Karl Urban, John Rhys-Davies, Producer Barrie Osborne and Oscar winning special effects wizard, Jim Rygiel. We spoke to Viggo Mortensen on the red carpet and he took Quickbeam’s photo during the interview!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to speak to Elijah on the red carpet. We did get to party with him at the after party, but that wasn’t on camera. (The best things in life never are…)The after party is a story for our next installment from The Two Towers LA Premiere!

Noro Lim!