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Archive for January, 2003

Sean Astin On MTV UK & I’s Screenplay

If you happen to be watching MTV UK & Ireland this weekend, try and keep an eye out for their film show Screenplay. Why? Because Sean Astin takes us on a trip of Blockbuster Video and picks out some of his favourite films. When asked to pick his preferred three, he chose Gandhi, L.A. Confidential and Patton. What can I say? The man has taste…

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Andy Serkis Chat On

Maddy R writes: There will be a live chat with Andy Serkis on tonight @ 9 EST. SciFi’s servers are VERY bad, so I wouldn’t advise many people to go on there at once. [More]

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The Man Behind the Gollum Is Shakespearean Actor

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – For a classically trained British actor, it can be a lot of work to play a shriveled-up, power-mad freak of nature with bulging eyes and a bad comb-over hairdo, especially when it is not you on screen but a digitally done animation. [More]

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Canadians love Hobbits and Orcs

LOTR 2 tops box office for 6 weeks. While Americans flock to see movies about a rap-singing kangaroo, oversexed honeymooners and a child-stealing witch called the Tooth Fairy, Canadian moviegoers are sticking to The Lord Of The Rings, with Chicago closing quickly in the box-office rankings as it moves into more theatres. [More]

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What Peter Did Next

So how do you follow the eye-popping grandeur of a three-year labour of love the size of The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Let your ego expand to the size of Jupiter, recklessly go hell for leather at another huge project and land roundly on your arse? Not if you’re Peter Jackson, you don’t. [More]

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The One Exhibit Reaches 90 000 Visitors

Juuch writes: Thought you might like to know that The One Exhibit currently going on here with the props/artwork from the movies has been extended a month, until the 31st of March. They have had 90 000 people through since it opened the day after the premiere, and despite needing some of the props for pickups for ROTK, looks like we have another month to try and see if the prosthetic Boromir is breathing!

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Hugo Weaving Article

The often over-shadowed Hugo Weaving (Elrond) gets a well deserved magazine article dedicated to him, take a look at this scan sent in by Helen [More]

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Tolkien Lectures At QU

Greg writes: There will be two lectures on Tolkien, Spirituality and his Philosophy. They’re taking place at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario on Feb 4th at 3pm and 7pm. [More]

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Middle-earth Vacation Photos

Arod writes: Sends along these amazing photos from his NZ trip last December, he was lucky enough to visit the locations used for Hobbiton, Rivendell, Anduin and more! [More]

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Sean Astin Appointed To Bush Service Council

Ellen writes: One does not normally expect to hear the words “Frodo’s friend Sam” out of the mouth of White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, but that’s exactly what I heard this afternoon when I had the White House press briefing playing in the background on the TV. Seems Sean Astin has been named to serve on the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation. [More]

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Richard Taylor Talks Uruk ‘Genes’

Christopher writes: The January issue of Post has a 2 page interview with Richard Taylor. Not much new here but there is one interesting quote regarding the Uruk-Hai. [More]

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Richard Taylor Talks Uruk ‘Genes’

Christopher writes: The January issue of Post has a 2 page interview with Richard Taylor. Not much new here but there is one interesting quote regarding the Uruk-Hai-

“They’re just built to kill and they never retreat; hence they had no armor on their backs since Saruman never imagined they’d turn and flee. But, like so many genetic frailties of our own time, as we follow the Uruk-Hai through film three, we’ll appreciate that, as Ridley Scott called it so beautifully, they have “accelerated decrepitude.” They begin to break down quickly and Saruman hasn’t actually quite got his alchemy right. We wanted to build an analogy to the frailties of playing with sciencde in our own world.”

I don’t recall this from the books but it is an interesting addition. That may also explain the peculiar look of the Uruk shot in the ROTK calender. I just assumed the Uruks were finished and we wouldn’t see them much in ROTK. I was puzzled by the shot from the calender. Looks like there is more story for Saruman and the Uruks to come…

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