Since filming went underway in 2000, The Two Towers has seen its storyline changed endless times due to necessity, time constraints, negative fan feedback and even by order of New Line. Hence, a huge chunk of material was either unused in the final theatrical cut of the movie or scrapped entirely. Here is just a list of some of the scenes that may or may not feature in The Two Towers Extended Edition next year.

• Arwen running up to Elrond’s veranda in Rivendell in fear, saying ‘You have the gift of foresight…’
• Gandalf the White telling Aragorn at night before Helm’s Deep that Sauron ‘fears what you may become’
• Faramir discovering Boromir’s horn cloven in two as it washes ashore
• Arwen walking up towards the shards of Narsil while wearing a cloak similar to the one which she wears while leaving Rivendell
• Further shots of Merry and Pippin being guarded by the Uruk-hai at night
• Further shots of Eowyn standing outside the Golden Hall of Edoras
• Elrond stating the alliance of Elves and Men ‘is over’
• Sam making greater use of the Elven rope given to him by Galadriel while travelling to Mordor with Frodo
• Further shots of Arwen and Aragorn together in the past
• The storyline of Arwen taking part in Helm’s Deep, including shots of the Rivendell Elves arriving at Lothlorien and Arwen sleeping under falling leaves, was completely scrapped
• Further shots of Eomer’s travels in the hunt of orcs or after being banished from Rohan
• Bilbo discussing the departure of Rivendell with Elrond and Arwen
• Saruman claiming he will soon become ‘more powerful than the Lord of the Rings himself’
• Several scenes involving the two hobbits and Treebeard, including Merry and Pippin drinking the Ent Draught
• A beautiful soliloquy from Faramir post-battle with the Haradrim, where he asks rethorically ‘I wonder what his name was, where his home is, his family. Was he really evil at heart, or did the Dark Lord deceive him, as he has deceived so many others? What lies or threats led him on the long march from his home?’
updated additions:
• More scuffling amongst the Uruk-hai and Orcs whilst in possession of the Hobbits
• Faramir showing Frodo and Sam a way out of Osgiliath through the sewers
• Saruman’s speech that begins ‘So Gandalf Greyhame thinks…’
• Ents participating in the battle of Helm’s Deep
• Flashbacks to Boromir, Faramir and Denethor together
• Further footage of Frodo’s scuffle with Sam
• The Uruk-hai invasion of the caves in Helm’s Deep
• Eomer pulling Theodred out of some mud post-battle
• Aragorn releasing Theodred’s horse Brego, the horse that would save him later, from it’s stable
• A flashback to Boromir’s death in FotR
• A council of Elves debating whether or not an alliance with Men is feasible
• Legolas scolding the stupidity of the Elves not to assist the race of Men with their fight against Sauron
• Eowyn about to slay an Orc in the caves – may appear in RotK
• Gimli smoking a pipe while resting on a dead orc – may appear in RotK
updated additions:
• Further shots of Gollum travelling to Mordor with the hobbits, including him ordering not to stop on a certain road and extensions to the cooked rabbit scene
• Flashback to Smeagol killing Deagol over the One Ring while fishing on the River Anduin – will appear in RotK
• Merry and Pippin discussing what will happen to them when the Uruk-hai find out they don’t bear the One Ring
• Sam discussing the changes occuring to Frodo with Gollum while the Ringbearer is asleep
• Gimli exploring the beautiful caves under Helm’s Deep with Legolas
• The Orcs of Mordor joining the band of Uruk-hai
• Aragorn conversing with someone at night while lying down in a Rohan camp

Thanks to the many Ringers who mailed in with some of the above contributions. If I’ve missed anything, please mail in!