dapascha writes:

Here’s a translation of a Dutch press release by the distributor of LotR here, A-Film, about new records being set here in the Netherlands:

Amsterdam, december 19th 2002

Lord of the Rings opens with record numbers

On Wednesday december 18th The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers opened with a record number of visitors. Over 50.000 people went to see the film on the first day and caused a record box-office opening of over 350,000 Euro. With this amount the second part of the Lord of the Rings breaks the record previously set by Spider-Man that held an opening day box-office of 259,295 Euro.

Many theaters decided to re-release the Fellowship of the Ring on the day before the premiere of the Two Towers, which caused the unique situation where two parts of one trilogy are in the Box-Office Top 10 at the same time. The Two Towers, based on Tolkiens famous novel,  plays at 148 screens in the Netherlands. The third part, The Return of the King is expected in theaters in december 2003.

Other top-films:

Harry Potter, part 1 – 259,271 euro
Harry Potter, part 2 – 214,066 euro
Jurassic Park – 114,809 euro