Math P writes:

Well, here is my Boston LP report. I just got home, and it’s around 6.30am Dec 18. Like last year’s LP, it was a huge success! Thanks to my members, TORN, and TORN’s sponsor (Badali Jewelry). The Boston LP started around 7pm. We have our 3 maidens of Rohan (Amy, Maria, and Laura) who were the life of the party. Neat costumes! All 3 women of course brought home the prices for best costume.

Anyway, the wait was almost unbearable, but thanks to the lively chat and humor of every members, the painstaking hours of waiting quickly waned. More and more people have arrived by 10pm. Loews decided to let us in early, and so we were all seating nice and comfy inside the theater by 10.30pm. When midnight came, we were treated with a kind of more previews than one would expect (though it seemed eternity, it’s probably just standard length of time for previews). Needless to say, the crowd just got more excited waiting for TTT to start. Alas, TTT was finally shown! It’s definitely an Oscar contender (notwithstanding the beaurocrats and politics involved in this award). But then again, we’re probably biased.

Everyone just loved the film. That’s all I can hear people say after the show. The rest of the gang went to the Blue Diner (last year’s post-show hang out), and had very interesting discussion about the film (while eating our breakfast). Needless to say, we’ll all gonna be back to see the film, the 2nd, 3rd,…Nth-time before 2002 ends with a bang! Looking forward to “The Return of the King.” Cheers everyone, Math