Ringer Fan Jim writes of his experience at the London premiere:

Having attended the UK premiere of TTT at the Odeon Leicester Square last Wednesday night, I can confirm what Luthien said about the NYC Premiere. Most of the stars turned up in spite of appearing the night before in Paris. Peter Jackson made the same point about deviation from the book (he’s obviously concerned about reaction to the interaction between Faramir and Frodo/Sam/Gollum, but this does lead to a great (shocking) scene – I won’t say where for those who don’t like spoilers.

Running three story threads is obviously difficult, but he pulls it off; though I did read in my local paper that the reviewer couldn’t follow the complicated plot (obviously someone who has never read the books).

The major element is the battle of Helm’s Deep which is almost overwhelming,but the actors manage to avoid being lost in the hugeness and loudness and sheer scale of the setting.

This is a much darker film than FOTR; few idyllic scenes, though there are odd moments during the move to Helm’s Deep, but it gets through a lot of action and stays more or less faithfuill to the book. Gollum is a triumph; I always found it difficult to be sympathetic to the character, but Jackson manages to make a CGI almost human and certainly vulnerable.

True fans are going to love it!

Cant wait for ROTK.