Lee went on a shopping spree at Borders and came home with an armload of new magazines with LOTR stories. If anyone is wondering what magazines are featuring LoTR right now, here’s a short list:

X-Pose, issue 74, has an article about/interview with Elijah

American Cinematographer, Dec. 2002, has a cover story, “The Two Towers Continues An Epic Tale”

Realms of Fantasy, Feb. 2003, has a cover story, “Lord of the Rings Returns”

Sci Fi Magazine, Feb. 2003, has a cover, “Lord of the Rings: Special–Inside the Two Towers” plus an interview with Elijah

Starburst, Issue 293, has a cover “The Lord of the Rings: Massive Coverage of The two Towers, Star Elijah Wood and the epic battle at Helm’s Deep”

Premiere, Jan. 2003, has Viggo on the cover and “Exclusive: Lord of the Rings–Viggo Mortensen on Orcs, Elves, and Being a Middle Earth Hunk in The Two Towers”

TORn staff Starlady mentioned these as well:

Creative Screenwriting – doesn’t have the issue online yet, it’s an interview with Phillippa

Cinescape – interview with EJW [More]

Us Weekly
– not online yet (This is the Britney/Justin issue, there’s apparently an article about TTT in it too)

scr(i)pt magazine – article isn’t online but the blurb is: Who Shot J.R.R.? The Writing of The Two Towersb By Bob Verini