It’s been floating around all weekend. Here’s some comments from posters (and where they’ve seen it):

And remember, here be spoilers!

VampyreQuuen6: Hello, there was a new TTT TV spot going around on cable which I caught on Bravo. I don’t think you’ve talked about this one yet. This one starts out with a Galadrial voice over and shows some new shots from Helms Deep and even some new dialouge from Aragon at the end of the commercial.

Ayudiran: Just letting you guys know, if you didn’t already, that there is a new ttt tv spot hat aired tonight (12/13/02) on UPN. Unfortunately, I did not record it, but I figured if I let you guys know, someone could record it and then post it. It’s brand new, with shots we haven’t seen before.

Chris: I wanted to send in a report about the new tv spot that was on during saturday night live. I dont remember much from the trailer, but what I really remember is a shot of Sam next to Frodo who is lying down, then you hear the nazgul scream sam looks up, then the shot swithces to the nazgul flying just above them.

Matt: I don’t know if you folks have seen it yet, but there is a new TTT tv spot and it’s not the one you reported yesterday. It aired around 9:30 pm (east coast USA) on Fox during America’s Most Wanted.

It featured the text “In 4 Days” at the beginning and ended with King Theoden at Helms deep saying, “And so it begins”. There were many new clips scattered throughout the commercial. Among them, new clips of Treebeard, more shots of Nazgul steeds, an old withered King on a throne (not Theoden) I suspect it is Theoden. Can’t think who else it would be! – Dem, and more shots that ran by too fast.

I didn’t see a mention of this on the site yet.

Bazooka Joe: While watching Firefly on Friday night, I saw a new commercial, different from the one shown during Survivor earlier in the week. The new shot I remember most distinctly was an ill-kempt old man that I assumed was Theoden under Wormtongue’s influence.

It’s possible this was on another station … I could have been flipping channels during a commercial break … but it was definitely during the Firefly time period.

Brett: There was a brief 15-second commercial shown during the FOX football game announcing the LoTR movie was coming in three days. Most of the footage was the same from the 13th, but it appeared to have a couple of shots I had not seen (low swooping Nazgul, Saruman surrounded by his minions).

Jeff: Two things that I have not seen mentioned were:

* A shot of Frodo underwater, surrounded by ghostly figures (Dead Marshes?).
* A closing shot of Gandalf holding Glamdring aloft, with lightning crackling from a darkened sky into the blade.

If anyone has capped and encoded this new commercial, drop us a line so we can post it up!