If you have a copy of The Lord of the Rings, you’ve more than likely read a bit of Douglas Anderson’s work. He has the singular honor of being the writer of the ‘Note on the Text’ that is printed in each book. This was first published in 1993 and has been included in each edition thereafter.

Last year Doug revised and published his delighful and informative “The Annotated Hobbit”. This book is actually Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” but the text has been researched and notes are provided upon each page about what Tolkien wrote. Many illustrations have been added as well, showing the various illustrations in worldwide publications. Doug states in the preface, “In general, I have tried to keep Tolkien’s own views about his writings in a position of central importance. My annotations start from there and move outward in a biographical and historical context. The goal of annotation itself is usually considered to be illuminating a text, but i have also attempted to give more information about Tolkien’s life, his friends and associates, his literary interests, and his other writings so that a better cumulative portrait is achieved.”

For the official press release of The Annotated Hobbit, please check out publisher Houghton Mifflin’s [site]. and for more information about the chat please click [here].